Census 2020

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The 2020 Census has finished collecting responses.

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2020 Census enumeration ended on October 15

On Tuesday, October 13, the U.S. Supreme Court allowed the Census Bureau to stop the 2020 Census count before it was scheduled to end on October 31. The Census Bureau announced shortly after the court order that they would effectively end all data collection for Census 2020 on October 15. While counting everyone in the nation is always a giant task, the 2020 Census was exceptionally difficult. Nevertheless, residents in Southeast Michigan should be proud of their effort and results. About 75 percent of the households responded to the once-a-decade census by themselves, which is five percentage points higher than our final response rate 10 years ago, and is significantly higher than this year’s U.S. average of 67 percent. 

Chesterfield Township Final Response Rate 2020: 83.9%

Chesterfield Township Final Response Rate 2010: 76.2%

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