Planning & Zoning

The Planning and Zoning Department of the Charter Township of Chesterfield, has a unique role within the organizational structure of the Township. The Department's primary responsibility is that of guiding and directing the Township's future growth while ensuring the preservation of its attributes. The Department is also responsible for current planning, long term planning, zoning compliance related administrative duties. These functions help to ensure high quality development and the protection of property values. The Planning and Zoning Department also oversees the implementation of the Master Plan, which outlines specific goals and objectives for guiding and managing Chesterfield Township's growth.


The Planning and Zoning Department currently has two full-time employees, the Planning and Zoning Director and one clerical assistant.

Master Plan Updates

The Planning Commission is currently in the process of conducting visioning sessions to gather information for the update of the Township Master Plan. Please watch the website for times and dates for these sessions.