Payment Options

To pay your Water Bill and Taxes online, click here.

Invoice Cloud - Returning Customers with Accounts

The Chesterfield Township Treasurer’s Office processes payments for:

  • Real and personal property tax statements
  • Parks and Recreation Registration
  • Water and Sewer Division billing
  • Planning and Building Department billing
  • General revenue billing

 The Treasurer’s office is open to the public to receive payment Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM (excluding holidays)

Payment Options

You still have the option of paying water or tax bills at the counter, through the mail, by phone, online or drop your payment in our drop box at the Township Hall

The Township now has a new payment portal designed to provide you with more payment options and better customer experience.

Drop off your payment

A Secure Payment Dropbox: located on the sidewalk in front of the Township Hall.  Payments will be processed the next business day.

Counter Payments

All payments are made at Treasurer’s office counter.  We accept cash, checks and credit cards.

*Credit Card Payment at Township Hall
Chesterfield Township also accepts credit card payments at the Township Hall. Please note there will be a convenience fee charged which is paid directly to Invoice Cloud if you choose to utilize this option. 

Fees:  Please note there will be a convenience fee paid directly to Invoice Cloud if you choose to utilize this option.
Tax payments:     Credit Cards = 2.95% (minimum fee $1.95)
Water payments: Credit Cards = $3.95  

Pay by U.S Mail

Make checks payable to Chesterfield Township.  Postmarks are not accepted.   All Payments are credited for the business date on which they are received by the Treasurer’s office. 

Mail checks to Chesterfield Township Treasurer’s office at:
47275 Sugarbush Road
Chesterfield, MI   48047

Both Water Bills and Tax Bills have a returned envelop attached to the bill.  Please tear off the bottom of the bill which acts as a self-addressed envelope, insert your check, attach a stamp and return to Chesterfield Township.   

Automatic Payments (Water Bills Only)

Residents can have their Chesterfield Township water and sewer payment deducted automatically from their checking or savings account. Automatic bill payment (ACH) is available for water bills only without any additional fees. There are two ways you can sign up: 

Start by making a one-time payment through our website 

  • Click on the Tax/Water Bills Online Payments button on the home page.
  • Click Utility bill payment (search for account number, or name, or address).
  • Click make payment (make your payment you can then set up an account and sign up for automatic bill payment


Go to the Chesterfield Township Virtual site for Invoice Cloud
Chesterfield Invoice Cloud Website

  • Click on Water Payment then enter your account number. 
  • Click your current invoice, click to Register as a Customer and follow the prompts. Here, you can sign up for auto pay or make a one-time payment.
  • If you're interested in paperless billing, sign up at the same time!

Online Payments

Pay your Water and/or Tax bill online

Invoice Cloud link - Returning Customers with Accounts

The following fees will apply:
Tax payments: Credit Cards = 2.95%
                        E-Check = FREE

Water payments:   Credit Cards = $3.95 flat rate ($450.00 maximum)
                              E-Check = FREE

Payments by Phone

You may pay your property taxes and water bills by credit card over the phone, simply call Invoice Cloud toll free at 844-973-1674 and follow the instructions. You will be informed of the convenience fees listed below. You will be given a confirmation number at the end of the call, which you should keep for your records. Your payment will be posted on the next business day.

Fees: Please note there will be a convenience fee paid directly to Invoice Cloud if you choose to utilize this option
Tax payments: Credit Cards = 2.95% + $0.95
E-Check = FREE

Water payments:  Credit Cards = $4.90 flat rate
                             E-Check = FREE 


Check Notice

Payments by check, whether paper or electronic, are accepted only as conditional payments. If not honored by the bank, the bill remains unpaid and is subject to penalties and/or interest.

The township assesses a $25 fee each time a non-cash form of payment is returned to us due to insufficient funds, closed accounts, or incorrect banking information that makes an account unable to locate.