Current Water Quality Concerns

The Safety of Our Water in Chesterfield Township

There is a lot of information going around in regards to water safety around the nation due to the crisis that has hit the City of Flint. Making sure that the citizens of Chesterfield Township have only the safest drinking water available is the primary concern of the Chesterfield Township Department of Public Works (DPW).

Is There Lead in Our Water?

Knowing if there is lead in their water is the main concern of everyone today. The Chesterfield Township DPW prides itself in saying that we have no lead service lines in our township. From 2000 to 2005 we completed a meter change-out within our system, to enable us to upgrade our system to an automatic meter reading system. Inspecting water service lines was a part of the water meter installation process. In the 6-year span it took us to change out all of the meters, we determined that none of the water service lines in our system are lead.

While the new standard is no-lead for all products, there is a possibility there is lead within your home. Solder that was used to join water pipes together had lead in it at one time. Also, many water fixtures, like faucets or shower heads may contain very small amounts of lead.

How Often Does Chesterfield Township Test Their Water?

Chesterfield Township adheres to all of the protocol that the DEQ and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) require. The Lead and Copper Rule requires that we test for lead and copper every 3 years. We have a 0 ppb result from our sampling; the best result you can have.

2014 Lead and Copper Monitoring at Customers' Tap

Regulated Contaminant
Lead Copper
Test Date
2014 2014
Unit ppb (parts per billion)
ppm (parts per million)
Health Goal MCLG
0 1.3
Action Level AL
15 1.3
90th Percentile Value
0 0.048
Number of Samples Over AL
0 0
Violation (yes/no)
No No
Major Sources in Drinking Water
Corrosion of household plumbing system; erosion of natural deposits
Corrosion of household plumbing system; erosion of natural deposits; leaching from wood preservatives

 Also, the EPA mandates that we test for total trihalomethanes (TTHM) and haloacetic acids (HAA5) on a quarterly basis. TTHM and HAA5 are by-products of drinking water chlorination and drinking water disinfection, respectively. Not only do we comply with these schedules, but our tests all pass with flying colors. All test results are included in our most recent Consumer Confidence Report (CCR).

The most recent CCR is on our website. The 2015 CCR will be out to the public by July 1, 2016. We attempt to get the CCR out as soon as possible every year.

Beyond our testing, Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) test 12 random sampling points every month, which equates to three each week. The results of these tests are also provided in the Consumer Confidence Report (CCR).

How Do I Test My Water?

To obtain a proper water sample for lead testing, please follow the Sampling Instructions (PDF).

Chesterfield Township DPW does not test for lead amounts in water. Any resident is free to contact any of the organizations below to test their water for lead:

Company Phone Number
Paragon Laboratories
MDEQ 517-335-8184
Brighton Analytical

Chesterfield township is not responsible for the cost of the tests that residents want to perform.