Pre-Qualification Registration

Pre-qualification Registration is required for all companies wanting to bid on large Township projects.

  • Pre-Qualification Registration

Contractor Registration is required for all companies wanting to make any type of repair or connection to water, sanitary and storm sewer lines.

Pre-Qualification Procedures

Charter Township of Chesterfield Resolution Establishing Prequalification Standard of Contractors

On October 21, 1991, the Township Board adopted resolution requiring Prequalification of bidders for work on Township projects.

Bidders shall be approved by the Township Prequalification Committee not less than fifteen (15) days prior to the date established for submission of bids. Eligibility to bid on Committee based review of information supplied by perspective bidders. Compliance with Prequalification Standards of M.D.O.T. shall be deemed compliance with the Standards for Prequalification established for Township projects if the following additional information is satisfactory to the Committee:

  • Furnish copy of Page 2 through 7, inclusive, and 17 through 22, inclusive, of MDOT Form 1313 (9/94) entitled "Confidential Experience Questionnaire and Financial Statement", in lieu of Pages 17 and 18, the Township will accept a list of equipment without financial information concerning the value and/or indebtedness thereon;
  • Furnish Township with evidence of current eligibility as determined by the Prequalification Unit of the Financial Services Division of the MDOT by furnishing a copy of MDOT Form 1303 (A).
  • That copies of the MDOT Forms furnished the Township pursuant to the provisions of this Resolution by prospective bidders shall be deemed private and confidential for all purposes and the prospective bidders are assured by the Township that such information shall be used exclusively by the Township for internal purposes;
  • The identification of person(s) authorized to receive payments for work performed and the method for delivery of such payment, e.g. mai4 personal delivery, etc.
  • The identification and titles of person(s) authorized to approve change orders and other "on the job" decision during construction.
  • Information concerning involvement of the Contractor in litigation and/or disputes concerning public project during 5 years prior to submission of the information required herein.
  • The history of the Contractor concerning violations of MIOSHA rules on projects during three years prior to submission of the information required herein.
  • Prequalification packages will be received at:
    Office of the Township Clerk
    47275 Sugarbush Road
    Chesterfield Township, Michigan 48047

    All packages shall be accompanied with a $150 dollar, non-refundable, review fee.

Subcontractors must also be prequalified.