Department of Public Works


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Chesterfield Township Department of Public Works
52216 Sierra Dr.
Chesterfield, MI 48047
Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday, 8:00am – 4:30pm
Working Hours: (586)949-0400, ext. 3
Fax Number: (586)949-3872
Emergency after Hours: (586)949-2322

Superintendent:  Don Coddington

The Department of Public Works is a combined departmental operation that provides high quality water service for residential, commercial and industrial use, including fire protection. The Department also provides for safe and efficient collection and transport of all wastewater from properties connected to the sewer system using hundreds of miles of sanitary sewer lines and pumping stations.  The DPW is also responsible for the operation and maintenance of all township buildings, parks, grounds, bike paths and cemeteries.




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