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Beautification Committee Minutes - April 13, 2011




Call to order: Called to order by Sue Grimaudo at 7:05 p.m.

Roll Call:

Members Present: Linda Hartman, Michele Stearns, Sue Grimaudo, Marlene Krul, Marilyn Sypolt, Denise Calvert. Late arrival Tom Yaschen

Motion to Approve Agenda: Motion by Denise, seconded by Marilyn, motion passed.

Motion to Approve Minutes from March 9th, 2011: Motion by Marilyn seconded by Michele.


2010 Bird house placement done on 3-18-2011 by Marilyn and Denise. Winners were placed along Novak garden; all others were placed along pathway along Municipal Building.

Bird, Bat & Butterfly house update. Flyer was done and came out great.

Denise is working on fund raiser idea selling of bulbs.

Drop off days for Bird, Bat, Butterfly houses, May 16th thru May 20th during beautification week

Talked about using Texas Roadhouse coins for prizes.

Finalized beautification week dates as followed: May 15th to May 22, 2011 Sunday May 15th. Plant-A-Perennial Day, Monday, May 16th Help a Neighbor Tuesday May 17th Garden Vegetable Day, Wednesday May 18th Get a free tree, Adopt-A-Spot and Bird, Bat & Butterfly contest at the Township Offices, Thursday, May 19th Yard Waste & Compost Day, Friday, May 20th Recycling Awareness Day, Saturday, May 21 Garden with a Child, Sunday, May 22, Plant a Tree Day.

Sue getting trees for pass out--purchased on 4-29-2011 from Macomb Conservation District – price of trees ordered $170.

5 Butterfly bushes –25 Colorado Blue Spruce—40 Red Oak—20 Sawtooth Oak—20 Burr Oak—20 Sycamore

Mrs. Kelter has donated trees and bushes; Rich picked them up on 4-14-2011 at Tom Yaschen’s house.


Spring clean up and planting

Planting day 5-18-2011 between 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.; flower and mulch ordered with Rich on 4-14-2011. Flowers are alyssum white, and multi-colored wave petunias (3 flats of Alyssum 25 flats of Petunias); regular type hardwood mulch--2yds. for Municipal Building and 2yds. for Brandenburg Park.

High School community service students will be dropped off after school.

Denise is going to check with Best Buy on help with cleanup; also no dates were made for other parks

May 14th clean-up--Mr. Andrew Manciana from Salt River Church and the EACH movement church members going to Pollard Park to cleanup for community cleanup.

Planting recommend for Municipal Bldg. and Brandenburg.

Denise planning new plants for flag pole area with Marlene.


Marilyn to band together information for a booklet on composting, etc. Denise has completed information on composting.

Sue gave Boy Scouts information on Adopt-A-Spot. Michele looking into fund raising idea on garden walk; more information at later date.

Linda informed us that Jan Uglis would like flowers put at the memorial tree outside her window for Connie Bowles.

Marlene brought up Adopt-A-Spot certificate, more information and details to come later.

Marilyn getting information on BCOFEM on June 16th --cost $13.50-- invitations will come soon

Meeting adjourned at 8:25 p.m.

Next meeting May 11th 2011 at 7:00 p.m.

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