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Planning Commission Minutes - April 27, 2010



APRIL 27, 2010

A Regular meeting of the Charter Township of Chesterfield Planning Commission was held on Tuesday, April 27, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. at the Township Hall Located at 47275 Sugarbush, Chesterfield, MI 48047.


Chairman Priest called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.


Present: Jim Priest Excused:

Robert Kohler

Paula Frame

Joe Stabile

George Deeby

Ray Saelens

Paul Miller

Carl Leonard (Arrived at 7:04 p.m.)

Michele Ficht

Others: Patrick Meagher, Township Planner


Motion by Mr. Priest, supported by Ms. Ficht to approve the agenda as presented.

All Ayes Motion Carried

4. SUBCOMMITTEE REPORT: (Committee will report items under Reviews)


A. Text Amendment to the Charter Township of Chesterfield Zoning Ordinance 110, Article XV. Public Hearing left open 11-24-09.

Mr. Deeby asked for a summary of the changes.

Mr. Meagher stated that previously this section of the ordinance requires that anyone that comes before the ZBA turn in a scaled site plan with their application for a variance. The modifications that have been made are to 76-615 (c); it indicates that application shall be accompanied by any information needed to clearly demonstrate the necessity for the variance. The ZBA may table or deny the application due to the absence of such information. The ZBA may require any reasonable information in documentation or plans, which is necessary to make a determination on the requested variance. The rationale behind this is that the ZBA has criteria they need to utilize to determine when a variance is appropriate, and in not all cases will they need an absolute site plan to determine that.

Gary Gendernalik asked for a copy of the amendment.

Mr. Meagher provided a copy to him. Mr. Meagher explained that the major intent of the amendment is that it is up to the applicant to decide what information is going to be necessary to prove his practical difficulty, and for the most part those are spelled out for the ZBA.

Mr. Gendernalik briefly spoke in agreement of the amendment.

Mr. Deeby asked how the old section read.

Mr. Meagher read the section text aloud.

Motion by Mr. Priest, supported by Ms. Frame to close the Public Hearing on Text Amendment to the Charter Township of Chesterfield Zoning Ordinance 110, Article XV at 7:07 p.m.

All Ayes Motion Carried

Motion by Ms. Frame, supported by Mr. Saelens to vote tonight.

All Ayes Motion Carried

Motion by Mr. Priest, supported by Ms. Frame to adopt Article XV Zoning Board of Appeals 76-611 thru 76-618.

Mr. Meagher pointed out for clarification that this is a recommendation to the Township Board.

All Ayes Motion Carried


A. PANARA BREAD & CAFÉ’ PROPOSED NEW CANOPY RECOVER – SGN #2010-19: Awning & Sign Contractors, 43984 Groesbeck Clinton Twp., MI 48036. Proposed new canopy replacing old canvas canopy located at 51490.

Motion by Ms. Frame, supported by Ms. Ficht to approve SGN #2010-19.

All Ayes Motion Carried

B. BUFFALO WILD WINGS – PROPOSED NEW WALL SIGN – SGN #2010-20: Identity Sign & Lighting, 40920 Executive Dr., Harrison Twp. MI 48045. Proposed new wall sign located at 51364 Gratiot in the Target Center.

Motion by Ms. Frame, supported by Mr. Saelens to approve SGN #2010-20 subject to the applicant amending the original application, which states that the proposed sign area is 331.96 square feet. We would like that to read 70 square feet, so that it does not exceed the 70 square feet that it actually is. It is a measurement typo on the application. We would just like the application corrected.

Mr. Deeby asked if the applicant is aware of these terms and has agreed.

Ms. Frame responded no the applicant is not aware of the terms, but they will be. It is just a clerical error on the application.

All Ayes Motion Carried


Motion by Mr. Priest, supported by Mr. Miller to approve the minutes from the April 13, 2010 meeting as sent.

All Ayes Motion Carried




Mr. Leonard asked Mr. Meagher if he received the email from him with regards to the windmills.

Mr. Meagher responded yes.

Mr. Priest noted that the current edition of the Michigan Planner contains some information with regards to windmills.


A. Administrative Request #49: Presbyterian Village of Michigan, 26200 lasher Road, Suite #300, Southfield, MI 48034. Requesting Administrative Approval on various changes to PUD #2006-20.

Mr. Meagher stated that they are doing a small change to the design. They have made some of the units smaller. The six spaces that they are moving are simply being relocated on the site, so he does not think there is a need for parking calculations as requested by the engineer. He stated that he has no objections to the modifications that they are making; however, he asked that a motion to approve include that it be subject to the Fire Department approval of the circulation.

Motion by Ms. Frame, supported by Mr. Miller to approve Administrative Request #49 for PUD #2006-20 subject to Fire Department approval.

All Ayes Motion Carried

B. Administrative Request #50: Veterinary Centers of Michigan, 51925 Gratiot, Chesterfield, MI 48051. Requesting Administrative Approval at 27805 23 Mile Road, formally Credit Union One, to make interior changes to main lobby area to separate space for the "treatment area" for the public waiting area.

Mr. Saelens asked to abstain from this request in order to avoid any conflict of interest. He left the room at 7:15 p.m.

Mr. Meagher stated that the veterinary is moving into the old space that the bank had in the Target Center. They do meet all of the requirements to move in there. The interior changes will have to go through the Building Department as usual. He stated that he has no objections to this change of use.

Motion by Mr. Priest, supported by Ms. Ficht to approve Administrative Request #50.

All Ayes Motion Carried

Mr. Saelens reentered the room at 7:16 p.m.


Mr. Kohler commented on the Marine Memorial that was presented at the last meeting. He met with Region One that takes care of Oakland and Macomb Counties. They want to know how they can support that memorial. They feel that they can raise money to put up something to remember the other armed services. They are requesting Mr. Graham’s phone number, which Mr. Kohler has agreed to work on providing to them.

Ms. Frame asked for volunteers for the next pre-planning meeting.

Mr. Saelens and Ms. Ficht agreed to attend.

Mr. Leonard asked about the identification cards for the Planning Commission.

Mr. Priest responded that he will check on that again. Also, he wondered if the Township Board had any comments with regard to our discussion of the different branches of the armed forces being included with the memorial.

Ms. Ficht responded that they do not have a problem with it. This was to be a specific memorial for the 22 marines to honor them. We have four parks, so if other branches of the service would like to put in memorials, the Township Board would have no problem with that.



Motion by Mr. Priest, supported by Ms. Frame to adjourn the meeting at 7:20 p.m.

All Ayes Motion Carried

Paula Frame, Secretary

Christine A. Hunyady, Recording Secretary


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