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Beautification Committee Minutes - May 12, 2010

Chesterfield Township Beautification Committee Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Call to Order: Called to order by Sue Grimaudo at 7:01PM

Roll Call:

Members Present: Denise Calvert, Sue Grimaudo, Marlene Krul,

Marilyn Sypolt, Tom Yaschen

Absent: Connie Hansen

P & R Director: Rich Piekarski

Township Board Liaison: Cheryl Printz

Resident: Scott Sheffield

Motion to Approve Agenda: Motion by Sue, seconded by Marilyn, motion passed.

Motion to Approve Minutes from April 14, 2010: Motion by Sue, seconded by Marlene

Old Business:

Beautification Week: Schedule looks good

Adopt-A-Spot: Next year have the kick-off day during the week instead of on the weekend. The Beautification Committee will be adopting spot #2 at the Township Offices (front flower bed).

Get-A-Tree Day: On May 19th all members & volunteers will meet at the Township Offices at 1PM with their own tools for planting and clean-up. Sue will be responsible for purchasing the plastic bags, ties, & moss for the seedling give-a-way. Denise will be arriving early to determine where the flowers will be planted. Rich will make sure that there are two picnic tables available. There will be 23 flats of petunias/begonias ($12/18c flat) & 3 flats of alyssum ($7.50/48c flat) for planting at the Township Offices. At Brandenburg Park, Sue will be planting 2 flats of impatiens ($7.50/48c flat). The committee will be cleaning the Township Offices back door entrance flower bed on this day.

Mulch: Rich will be securing mulch to be spread at both the Township Offices & Brandenburg Park.

Bird, Bat & Butterfly Contest: At this time, there are no entries.

New Business:

Maintenance Update: Rich asked the committee if a plant map could be made indicating where perennials have been planted in the flower beds. Denise volunteered to do the map and also suggested we continue to plant things that do not need a lot of maintenance work.


Sue: Indicated that she would like to see money from the Beautification budget spent on landscaping items that are long-term investments (mulch, dirt, rock for flower beds, etc.)

It should be noted that the article in the Voice Newspaper was awesome. It was a ½ page advertisement for Beautification Week & Adopt-A-Spot.

Beautification Week & Adopt-A-Spot were also advertised on Channel 6.

By unanimous vote, meeting was adjourned at 8PM.

Next meeting to be held on June 9, 2010 at 7PM.

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