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Parks and Recreation Commission Minutes - July 29, 2009

Chesterfield Township Parks and Recreation Commission

Proposed Minutes

July 29th, 2009

Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 7:10PM by Vince Finazzo

Roll Call

Present: Alan Christ, Pat Williams, Doug Groth, Vincent Finazzo, Natalie McPherson, Jan Uglis (Board Liaison), Rich Piekarski (Director

Absent: Amy Zarate’ Mary Ellen Wilmot


Motion by Pat seconded by Alan to approve the agenda as presented- passed on a voice vote.


Motion by Alan seconded by Natalie to approve the April 29ht, 2009 minutes as written -motion passed on a voice vote.

Director’s Report

Program Updates were given

New Business

Discussion about possibly changing the meeting time was held with no change suggested.

Old Business

A date for this fall’s Selfridge Air Museum plane washing needs to be planned. The director will advise the commission of an appropriate date.

Miss Chesterfield Pageant produced a queen-Chelsea Niemi and a court – Devin Broaddus. Representation was provided at baseball opening day, Relay for Life and Township appreciation awards. The float and the ladies were pulled by Doug in the Algonac and Bay-Rama parade where they secured a second place award! Future visits by the Queen and her court are planned for the Gratiot cruise, Romeo Peach festival and Richmond Good Old Days where the organizers are looking for a volunteer to drive the route.

Appreciation Awards. Rich has agreed to approach the township board to offer the services of the department and our commission to help run this activity as an ongoing project.

Comments from the Commission/Floor

Alan reported that this year’s version of "let’s fish" was very successful and personally rewarding with 14 residents and 8 guests taking part in the class.

Pat thanked the group for its wishes and prayers that helped his son fully recover from his sudden sickness.

Rich thanked Doug for pulling the float in the parades, especially Algonac, which presented some obstacles.

Motion to adjourn made by Vince, and seconded by Alan. Meeting adjourned @ 8:08 PM

Respectfully Submitted by Pat Williams 7-20-09



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