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Beautification Commission Minutes - June 10, 2009

Proposed Minutes of Chesterfield Township Beautification Committee Meeting

Wednesday June 10, 2009

Regular Meeting @ 7:00pm

Meeting was called to order by Sue Grimaudo @ 7:03pm

Roll call by Sue Grimaudo.

Members present: Rich Piekarski, Linda Hartman, Sue Grimaudo, Constance Hansen, Tom Yaschen, Denise Calvert and Marlene Krul

Motion made by Sue Grimaudo to approve agenda, approved by Linda Hartman and second by Tom Yashen.

Motion made by Sue Grimaudo to approve minutes from May 13, 2009. Approved by Tom Yashen and second by Denise Calvert.

Discussion of beautification week which went well:

  • Susie thanks everyone of the advertising
  • Everything got planted
  • Bench flowers look good
  • American flag/plaque
  • Tree Donated
  • Sue Grimaudo makes suggestions for next year:
  • Would prefer petunia or sweet William
  • Denise said unless they are wave, we need to pinch them off.
  • Susie suggest viola as they will come back every year.
  • Denise suggests sweet alyssum, as it self sows and creeping phlox to spell "Welcome to Chesterfield".

Discussion of what to plant along the windows of the municipal building just in front of the dogwood which is in front of the bayberry.

  • Rich Piekarksi suggests reddish shrub
  • Denise Calvert suggests softer plants such as Shasta, coneflowers, daisy, short grasses (blue fescue).
  • Both Rich Piekarski and Denise Calvert conclude we could plant 7 barberry bushes.

Denise Calvert and Mr. Rivard (president of the historical society) suggested we plant the following at the historical school house:

  • Lilacs - 2 bushes on either side of the doorway
  • 1 Apple tree
  • Michigan wild flowers

Tom Yaschen would like to spruce up the other sign (coming from New Baltimore) with:

  • Black eyed Susan
  • Hostas
  • Daylilies

Finish Brandenburg rock circle

Roster update

  • To reflect Marlene Krul
  • Distribute updated roster

Need to revise enrollment/volunteer form to reflect Susie’s new phone number.

Veteran Park

  • Replacing Tree
  • Plaque for Tree

Meeting adjourned 8:03pm


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